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Unveiling the Roots of Rooted N Red Soaps and Salves

Unveiling the Roots of Rooted N Red Soaps and Salves

In the saturated world of handmade soaps and salves, Rooted N Red stands out as a beacon of authenticity and transparency. Crafting products with a purpose, and a deep passion for nature, I share the story behind the brand and why it's more than just another soap on the shelf.

The Quest for Authenticity

Our soaps and salves defy the norm—no vibrant colors, no artificial scents. But why? The answer is simple yet profound: I craft what I would use, ensuring that every ingredient aligns with a commitment to genuine, natural goodness that reflects a genuine connection to the earth.

Why Not Pretty and Scented Soaps?

The rejection of artificial scents and vibrant colors stems from a commitment to authenticity. Rooted N Red believes in providing products that people can understand and feel comfortable using. The creator acknowledges the prevalence of artificial scents and colors in the market but chooses a different path for a more genuine experience.

The Garden Connection

One distinguishing factor in our products is the source of ingredients—our garden. Plants and herbs grown under personal care, free from pesticides, form the basis of these soaps and salves. I delve into the knowledge of companion plants, historical uses, and the intentional drying process to ensure a quality product. While not an herbalist, my love for nature and hunger for knowledge guide the cultivation process, creating a limited supply of high-quality dried plants.

The Basics of Rooted N Red Soaps and Salves

  1. Variety of Soaps: Rooted N Red boasts a diverse range of soaps. Curious about a particular kind? Just ask, and the creator will explore the possibilities.

  2. Small Batches, Big Impact: Each soap has a recipe number and batch number. Loved a batch? Express your interest, and the creator will recreate the magic.

  3. Patience is Key: Small batches might mean occasional shortages. If a product runs out, anticipation for the next season becomes part of the Rooted N Red experience.

  4. Oil Infusion: I employ a long oil infusion method, spanning 4-6 weeks. It may not be quick, but it yields the best results for both salves and soaps.

  5. Hot vs. Cold Press: While hot press soaps may not demand extended curing, cold press ones need 4-6 weeks of patience before they hit the shelves. Rooted N Red insists on waiting at least 6 weeks before selling the latter. The majority of our soaps are hot pressed with an occasional cold due to the ingredients.

  6. Authentic Ingredients: The most frequently used ingredients—Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, and Lye for soaps—are carefully chosen for their natural properties.

How to Get Rooted N Red Soaps

Interested buyers can find Rooted N Red's soaps and salves on Etsy. I have provided an option called "If you know you know ". This option on the Etsy store is for the purchasing of soaps after communication with Rooted N Red to determine what is available, and/or custom orders. Whether through the Etsy store, the Rooted N Red site, or email at, customers can connect to explore available options, request sample sizes, or purchase full-sized products.

Stay Rooted, Stay True

Rooted N Red is an invitation to experience soaps and salves with a deeper connection to nature. It's an invitation to understand, question, and make informed decisions. Rooted N Red is not just a brand; it's a philosophy—a commitment to staying rooted in the essence of what makes us human. #StayRooted

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