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My Story

Welcome to Rooted N Red, a woman-owned business that embraces the diverse interests and passions of our family. Our business is driven by a deep love for family, nature, creativity, and exploration.


In our family, we have a dynamic mix of interests and talents. One of our children is a high school teacher, a skilled dancer, and a passionate dance instructor and cheer coach. She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the realm of dance, inspiring others to express themselves through movement.


Meanwhile, our other child is an enthusiastic baseball and football player with an insatiable curiosity for history. Their passion for sports and love for delving into the past adds a unique flavor to our family's interests.


As for my husband, he is a true jack-of-all-trades. He finds joy in rebuilding cars, nurturing his garden, exploring various culinary delights, and venturing into the great outdoors through hiking and exploration. His diverse skills and interests bring a sense of adventure and creativity to our lives.


Driven by the needs and interests of my own family, Rooted N Red was born. We identified gaps and desires in our lives, and we set out to create products that fulfilled those needs.

For instance, we offer cheer bows and pom tags for cheerleading teams, catering to the spirit and enthusiasm of athletes. Additionally, our 3D prints of valence electron sets cater to the educational needs of chemistry students, making learning engaging and interactive.


We also create 3D-printed items such as quick-release bases for tripods, streamlining the process for photography enthusiasts. Our t-shirt creations serve various purposes, allowing individuals to express their unique identities or commemorate special occasions. For those with sensitive skin, we offer a range of small-batch soaps, salves, and balms to address minor first-aid needs and common skin issues.


Moreover, we take pride in cultivating our own herbs and discovering innovative ways to preserve the fruits of our labor. These endeavors enable us to offer natural and sustainable products that promote well-being and environmental consciousness.


Rooted N Red is not merely a business venture; it is an invitation to join our family on a journey of exploration, growth, and shared experiences. We are thrilled to share our passions, creations, and discoveries with you and your loved ones. Welcome to our world!

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