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Two tins of lavender salve displayed next to a vase of dried lavender flowers.



When making salves I take herbs that we have grown in our garden and infuse them in oils, mix them with beeswax and some essential oils and the results are a great natural salve.  

Two tins of rose salve with rose flowers around them.


Sublimation is the fun craft of printing your designs and creating a chemical reaction between the sublimation ink and polyester fibers to transfer an image onto fabric. So many possibilities!

Three baby onesies one with a racoon, one with a dinosaur, and another with a t-rex.


My most recent adventure has been into the world of embroidery.  I have only had my machine for a short period of time we have found so many wonderful uses. I am currently learning how to make patches for the cheer team backpacks.

Embroidered towel

3D Printing

I love to learn! With a Chemistry teacher in my family and a husband who loves to tinker, I needed to learn how to make 3D Prints.  It has been an amazing adventure, and so very rewarding. 

Several bars of white brine soap

Vinyl and Heat Transfer Vinyl (Cricut)

When I first started getting into crafting I wanted a Cricut but was not sure what I was going to do with it. . . Oh my goodness was I wrong, there are so many wonderful projects! 

Cricut cut christmas name tags
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